Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome To The Pristine Car Wash FAQs. We’ve Listed Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Facility And Services. Hope To See You Soon!

Where are you located?
Our newest location is conveniently located at 5500 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX near the intersection of US Highway 80 and FM 548.
Please stay-tuned for other washes referenced on our Locations tab.

What are your hours?
We are open Monday through Saturday 8am to 7pm and Sundays 10am to 5pm. Our modified holiday hours are as follows:

  • New Years Day – Closed
  • Easter – Closed
  • Thanksgiving- Closed
  • Christmas Eve – 8am-4pm
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • Day After Christmas – 10am-7pm

How do I use the wash menu?
The wash menu is designed to give you easy to select options for wash packages. Simply select the type of wash that meets your needs and submit your payment. It’s that simple!

What is the difference in the different wash menu options?

The Wash Menu is designed to give you a range of options depending on what type of car wash meets your needs. All of our car wash packages include FREE use of our high powered vacuum stations.

  • BASIC is our quick 3-minute car wash that provides one of the best standard car washes in the industry. It includes bug spray prep, foaming presoak, thorough soft-touch wash, spot-free rinse and fast drying to give you a fantastic cleaning..
  • GOOD: This includes everything offered by the BASIC wash, plus wheel and tire cleaning, a drying agent and Tire Gloss to restore the look of your tires and rims to like-new condition.
  • BETTER This package includes all the service of the GOOD wash plus Lava bath cleaner, undercarriage rinse and a treatment of hot Carnauba wax. The hardest wax known to man, Carnauba acts as a natural water repellant and protects your paint from harmful UV rays.
  • BEST: Our ultimate package includes everything offered by the BETTER wash, plus SuperShine® ceramic coating, body protectant and a fine shammy dry.
  • You can also upgrade any car wash package and add any single service or services ala carte from the wash menu screen as you enter the wash.

Is Pristine Express Car Wash a touchless car wash?
No, and we will explain why. It sounds nice, but touchless car washes have downsides. Touchless car washes have to use powerful chemicals to help remove dirt, gas and oil residue from your car’s surface. These chemicals can actually damage your car’s paint and finish. 

Why shouldn’t I wash my car at home?
Washing your car in your driveway can actually be harmful to the finish as well as the environment. A University of Texas study proved that just one home washing can leave scratches in your finish as deep as 1/10th of the paint’s total thickness. Consumer-grade sponges and chamois cloths often retain dirt as they are used to wash your car, further adding to the scratch risk. Additionally, garden hoses typically cannot supply enough water volume and pressure to work effectively with detergent. Washing your car also uses up to 10 times the amount of water as the environmentally friendly systems at Pristine Express Car Wash. And all that oily runoff that heads down your driveway ends up in storm drains and local rivers, polluting the environment.

What size vehicles can you accommodate?
We can wash almost any size car, SUVs, and most pick-ups, unless they have been modified to extend the wheelbase. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate high-roofed sprinter vans or vehicles with ladder racks. Most bike, ski and other roof racks can also be accommodated. Please ask Pristine Express Car Wash associates about specific size limitations or aftermarket attachments.

Do you charge extra for large vehicles?

Does washing really help to preserve a car’s value?
Yes! The appearance of your car is the first thing a buyer or dealer notices. It is an immediate representation of how well you maintain your vehicle. People assume if the vehicle was neglected visually, there were probably other things that were neglected. Regular washing and proper care of your car removes corrosive dirt and road salts that can trap moisture while coatings and waxes defend against UV light.

When should I wash off bugs, bird droppings, and other debris?
As soon as you can, especially for newer vehicles. Insect residue and bird droppings are acidic and immediately start to eat away a vehicle’s finish.

What is Carnauba Wax?
Carnauba Wax is made from a species of a South American palm tree. This wax is one of the best and hardest waxes available and provides natural resistance to water and harmful UV rays. We buy our products from Blendco, who are in a partnership with Rust-Oleum. For those who don’t know, Rust-Oleum, is a major international brand and knows a thing or two about paint. Together, they have developed very high standards of testing to ensure that only the highest quality products go on your vehicle.

Pristine Express Car Wash only uses about 25 gallons of fresh water with each car wash. How does it do that?
At Pristine Express Car Wash we use less fresh water to wash your car than most people use to take a shower. We use state-of-the-art sustainable car wash technology to reclaim, process, and filter water so that it can be reused effectively and safely. We’re proud that we’re among our industry’s most sustainable and environmentally responsible businesses. To that end, we are also members of the Water Conservation Partner in alliance with the Southwest Car Wash Association.

Fresh Water Usage

Pristine Express Car Wash
25 gallons
Traditional car wash
60 gallons
At home, driveway car wash
150 gallons

Will the wash scratch or damage my finish?
No. We use patented Neo-Tex Foam wash media as well as some woven fabric to provide a soft-touch wash — removing dirt and grime safely and effectively. Neo-Tex feels similar to a diver’s wet-suit. It resists water absorption and resists becoming embedded with grit so it retains a gentle, clean characteristic throughout the wash cycle. Woven fabric does a much better job of cleaning the car, while Neo-Tex Foam is better for buffing and polishing your vehicle’s finish.

Is your car wash safe for my vehicle?
Absolutely! We utilize the latest in advanced car wash technology. Studies show that our equipment is much safer than most other car washes including gas station washes, hand washes, touchless car washes and even washing your car at home. We use patented Neo-Tex Foam wash media as well as some woven fabric to provide a soft-touch wash. The woven fabrics do a much better job of cleaning the car, while Neo-Tex Foam is better for buffing and polishing your vehicle’s finish. Neo-Tex feels similar to a diver’s wet-suit and resists absorbing water as well as you would expect from such a garment. It cannot become embedded with grit so it remains gentle and clean throughout the wash cycle.

If I have modified my car with aftermarket parts and one of them breaks in the tunnel will you cover it?
Our tunnel is designed for manufacturers’ specifications on vehicles and it would be impossible for us to know how a vehicle will be modified. We therefore do not cover aftermarket modifications on vehicles.

Do you offer memberships?
Yes we offer the PristinePassTM for those want to get regular washes and save money at the same time. For many people, their car is close to the most expensive possession they own. In order to keep its value, maintaining its appearance is very important. Having a PristinePassTM is like having your personal car wash where you can drive through whenever you need to.

When can I cancel my membership?
You may cancel your membership at anytime by emailing the office, calling, or coming in-person. Due to the unlimited nature of the membership we do not offer partial month refunds.

Why should I purchase a PristinePassTM?
A car is for many the most or at least second most expensive purchase apart from a home. Maintaining your vehicle is then very important as you try to maintain it’s value for trade and to enjoy its appearance for a longer period of time. Having a PristinePassTM is like having your personal car wash where you can drive through whenever you need to. Our happiest customers have a PristinePassTM as their vehicles never really get that dirty as they are always Pristine.

Can I use the PristinePassTM for my company vehicles?
If you are wanting company vehicles to come through we would be happy to serve you may have discounted pricing for you. Please inquire with our Management Team to see what we can do for you.

What options are there?
You can upgrade any existing package with your choice of whatever single service or combination of services from the wash menu screen as you enter the wash.

What is the most popular a-la-carte option?
SuperShineTM is an application that contains ceramic attributes to give your car’s finish a lasting shine, softer feel, and better water-repelling qualities. Layering this product over time will help you optimize your car’s finish. We suggest using it about every two weeks depending on local weather, your driving habits and vehicle storage.

What is SuperShineTM?
While we may change products from time to time we believe that Rust-Oleum® Ceramic Total Body Protectant is the best available for the price right now. Polymeric Silica bases SuperShineTM, which forms a ceramic glass like barrier, bonding fully with glass, chrome, rubber, plastic and paint. SuperShineTM comes with the Rust-Oleum® trusted name and outlasts all other ceramic products tested, and comes in an enjoyable watermelon scent.

Do you offer any discounts?
Veterans and first-responders receive $5 off on any monthly plan. We offer a $5 discount for every vehicle when two or more vehicles are enrolled in a monthly plan.

Are the vacuums free?
They are free to anyone who has purchased an ala carte wash or monthly plan.

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