About Us

Welcome to Pristine Express Car Wash!
We provide our customers with a better car wash experience, and take pride in serving the communities that we operate in.

Founded in 2016

We are proud to serve each and every customer that passes through our wash tunnel. You’ll notice our friendly and professional staff, well maintained facility and neatly manicured landscaping. You’ll also experience our state of the art wash equipment which has unique advantages over traditional car wash methods.

We are conveniently located in Fort Worth.



A Better Wash

Our PECO car wash system is more efficient and gentler on your vehicle’s finish than other comparable washes, including home washes. Pristine is not a touchless car wash. Touchless car washes have to use more harsh chemicals to try to remove dirt, gas and oily residues from your car’s surface. These chemicals can actually damage your car’s paint and finish. Many touchless washes also use abrasive cloth towels during the hand drying process that can scratch your finish.

We use patented Neo-Tex foam and woven fabrics to provide a soft-touch wash that removes dirt and grime safely and effectively. Neo-Tex resists water absorption and resists becoming embedded with grit so it retains a gentle, clean characteristic throughout the wash cycle. Neo-Tex Foam feels similar to a diver’s wet-suit and is best for buffing and polishing your vehicle’s finish, while woven fabric excels at cleaning and removing dirt from the vehicle.

A very important factor to a good wash is water quality. Since we use municipal water, it is often hard meaning it has a very high mineral content. Hard water prevents soap from foaming, leaves white spots on your vehicle and over time can destroy your car’s finish. Our filters soften this water by reducing the concentration of minerals before it is used in our facility. The result is that our systems stay clean, free of deposits and your vehicles get a “Spot Free Rinse”. Even if you were to skip the drying stage (impossible in our automated wash tunnel), your car would end up spotless!

Clean Car Guarantee

If you purchase our a-la-carte Pristine Purple wash, come back within 3 days for a free basic wash for any reason.

Affordable Packages

Four affordable packages to accommodate all your needs and circumstances.

Just 25 Gallons

That's all the water we use per car... traditional car washes can use up to 60, and washing at home up to 150!

Clean Vehicles, Clean Environment

Just as important as the cleaning quality is the environmental impact of our washes. Both inside and outside our facility you’ll notice high efficiency LED lights that reduce electrical consumption and minimize our carbon footprint. Our wash system also uses advanced features to help protect and preserve the environment.

Did you know that a home wash can use up to 150 gallons of water? A standard car wash will cut this amount by over half to 60 gallons. But for the ultimate in water conservation, our Pristine Express uses only 25 gallons. That’s ten times less water than a home wash uses! We also reduce overall wastewater by using a reclamation system that filters and recycles the water used in every wash cycle. This prevents water that can be contaminated with toxic fuel, oil and fluids from running off into storm drains and polluting local streams and rivers.

Pristine is the smart choice for keeping your vehicle clean. While it may seem harmless, a home wash can damage paint and finish. Typical home water pressure is not high enough to effectively work with detergents, leaving streaks and other unsightly marks. Harsh, abrasive brushes and sponges can damage your vehicle’s paint. In fact, a study at the University of Texas proved that a single home-wash can leave scratches in your finish as deep as 1/10th of the paint’s total thickness. Part of the problem is that sponges and chamois cloths retain dirt as they are used to wash your car. These tiny particles get dragged along as the vehicle is wiped down, causing the damage.

Most Vehicles Accomodated

We do not and will never charge extra for large vehicles and can wash any size car, SUV and unmodified pick-up trucks. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate high-roofed sprinter vans, off-road vehicles, vehicles with ladder racks or pick-up trucks that have extended wheelbases. For specific size or aftermarket attachment limitations, do not hesitate to ask contact one of our associates.

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